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The Goose is Getting Fat!

Jessica VanderbergComment

Hi Foxy friends - it’s that time of year…and over here at F&W we are working up a storm on custom holiday cards, listening to carols and dreaming about what we’ll give our friends and family this holiday season. In the process, we thought, what better way to introduce you to all our new and wonderful things than to put together a GREAT gift guide made up of things to gift give from our shop!  Starting on December 1, we’ll release one item every day for each and every special person in your life.  Also, as an added incentive, the featured item will be discounted 10% in the shop the same day it’s released! Wooo WHOO!

 In the mean time, check out our new holiday cards which can be purchased in box sets or singles…we look forward to seeing you this holiday season!