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New Years Resolutions - Revisited

Jessica VanderbergComment

Hello Chickadees -

How’s the new year treating you? We are doing well into week two of 2013 and thought it time to revisit last year’s resolutions.  I’ve just re-read my list and I have to say, I’m quite pleased.  I accomplished a boat load more than expected! Huzzah!

Here’s the list:
1.  Learn to use my camera properly and take MUCH better photos (start by reading the manual?) - for me this was a fail BUT someone here (Jess) learned to use it, so I’m giving myself 1 pt. ;)

2. Hang that blessed CUSTOM WEDDINGS sign outside my shop!  DONE! 1 pt.

3. Get better use out of my expensive archival inkjet printer (manual??) – ek, no.

4. Buy a Serger and make some use of my Fashion Degree by making a few clothes – double fail.

5. Have printed running yardage available (upholster a chair for the shop window) -  This is very exciting news indeed - we are excited to soon formally announce our new yardage.  Also, Upholsteress found, ottoman rolling out sometime in early 2013. Whoopie!

6. Work on a new line of Organic Cotton Voile Crib bedding for next holiday season – changed direction and made have swaddle sets instead! 1 pt.

7. Create a new digital line of paper goods - cards, calender, journals etc.. DONE! 1 pt. and more to come!

8. Finish my Letterpress Weddings Collection once and for all! Nope…but almost there.

Formulate a digital template based on my 2010 Family Tree Design - YES!

10. Design an Animal Alphabet for posters and small limited archival runs – Sadly, no. Haven’t got past “A for anteater”.

11. Create a portfolio of prints for Licensing - no - but may revisit this.

12.  Illustrate a Children’s Book – Funny how resolutions work,  I gave this to the universe and they delivered an agent to me in the form of a letterpress client.  Book is in the making  - stay tuned.

13. Hire an employee to help with all of the above – WEEEE  & SHE’S AWESOMETOWN.

14. Take a vacation somewhere warm (England /New Zealand does not count) – In April, Simon and I went to Jamaica! AND we’re about to take off for San Francisco! (even though it’s 2013)

15. Practice more Yoga and work less hours – yeah, due to number 13 happening, thank goodness!

And now here are my 13 new resolutions for 2013’s.  Cross your fingers for me pals!

1. Reach out and be featured in one new blog a month.
2.  Increase online sales through our website and etsy.

3. Re-enter the wholesale game…dare I say?

4. Aquire at least 4 new custom clients a month.

5. 1000 Facebook friends by next January.

6. More giveaways.

7. Work on my children’s book.

8. Hire a shop person for the weekend…so I can actually have weekends.

9. Read everyday - whatever it may be (D-listed does NOT count).

10. Expand our stationery line.

11.  Finish Wedding book ;)

12. Take one company inspiration field trip per season.

13. Re-do our FOXY studio!