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Introducing Foxy & Winston's new Studio Director

Jessica VanderbergComment

I’m thrilled skinny to announce we’ve grown! I’ve recently signed on a new studio director to work beside and I couldn’t be more excited. Introducing, Jessica Vanderberg!

Recently, I sat down with Jess and got to know a little bit more about her.

Jess Likes:

deli/gas station coffee
Connecticut style lobster rolls
extinguishing matches in water
the pacific northwest
new toothpaste containers
binge TV watching
hotel bars
pretending not to notice celebrities on the street
IMDB black holes
hand clapping in songs
three part harmony
Jess Dislikes:
revolving doors
onstage all-star jams (however, this does not include “super-groups” like The Traveling Wilburys or Monsters of Folk)
getting out of the shower
thin apartment walls
the beach
waiting in line
line cutters
teething babies
glamping or camping or having to sleep outside my own bed for any reason whatsoever 
spicy food
Favorite part about being the Studio Director at Foxy & Winston:
Jess: Aside from working with clients, managing the daily operations of the studio and spending time in Red Hook…our Phil Collins lunch breaks and watching old British TV shows on YouTube really make my job the most fun.
9/7/79.  born: 7 lbs. 9 oz. at 9:34 PM (3+4=7). I’m all 9’s and 7’s. And I’m a Virgo.  
Favorite color:
Pink, definitely Pink
Favorite drink:
lemonade and Bailey’s, though not together.
Favorite author:
Maurice Sendak
Favorite designer:
Jane Buck
Jim Henson
Dessert Island Discs: (You must pick 8 tracks and then decide which one you would keep if all but one washed away)
Jess: I think the exercise here is to keep your spirits up - so none of these are necessarily “serious” choices of best songs ever…just a disclaimer. 
What Book would you bring with you to said Island?
Movies you can watch over and over again:
Selena, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Almost Famous and The Royal Tennenbaums
TV Shows:
Twin Peaks, Mistresses, Fringe, Parks and Recreation

Guilty Pleasure:
See “movie you can watch over and over again” answers one and two.  Additionally, looking in apartment windows and saying “must be nice”, regardless of what it looks like - no, not creepy at all. And anything starring Michael Fassbender
Death Row Food:
1st course: Poutine 
2nd course: Linguini with Clam Sauce
3rd course: Duck confit with some kind of melty cheese gratin
Dessert: Dark chocolate covered pretzels or sour watermelons
(I think I’ve covered all the food groups).
Come stop in and say hello - Jess is looking forward to meeting you all! 
contact: Jessica@foxyandwinston.com