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Jessica VanderbergComment

Happy New year!

Good morning 2012! I for one am pretty pleased to see the back of 2011 and welcome the new year with open arms!

I never keep (or even remember) my resolutions each year, so this time I thought if I wrote them down it might keep me in check. Hopefully this time next year I will look back and have achieved at least 5 of them (keeping it real) here goes….

  • Learn to use my camera properly and take MUCH better photos (start by reading the manual?) 
  • Hang that blessed CUSTOM WEDDINGS sign outside my shop!
  • Get better use out of my expensive archival inkjet printer (manual??)
  • Buy a Serger and make some use of my Fashion Degree by making a few clothes
  • Have printed running yardage available (upholster a chair for the shop window)
  • Work on a new line of Organic Cotton Voile Crib bedding for next holiday season
  • Create a new digital line of paper goods - cards, calender, journals etc..
  • Finish my Letterpress Weddings Collection once and for all!
  • Formulate a digital template based on my 2010 Family Tree Design
  • Design an Animal Alphabet for posters and small limited archival runs
  • Create a portfolio of prints for Licensing
  • Illustrate a Children’s Book
  • Hire an employee to help with all of the above
  • Take a vacation somewhere warm (England /New Zealand does not count)
  • Practice more Yoga and work less hours

I know! it’s a big list which is why I only aim to cross off 5 of them, then if I achieve more I’ll get a major pat on the back!