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A New Look!

Jane BuckComment

Over the past 6 months we have had some help from the wonderful people at the New York City branch of Small Business Services - known as SBS Neighborhood. In an effort to smarten up Sandy stricken main streets after the hurricane, at least 8 storefronts (and counting..) in Red Hook alone, have received grant money from this organization. We were lucky enough to be given this retractable awning (in my favorite color), Gooseneck lamps (to light the shop up at night) and a new window pane that needed to be replaced forever!. Our new look is really making a difference to the business, people that drive by are stopping in - thinking we are new in town and are shocked when we tell them that this month we turn 5 ..! (more on that later). SO, our sincere gratitude goes to the folks over at small business services for helping to shine a light (literally) on our sweet little store!