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Things here at Foxy & Winston are winding down for the Summer and we are now on hiatus from the Brooklyn Flea until September 7th - taking some time..

All sorts has been been happening here at Foxy HQ. Firstly, after a year as Studio Director, our pal Jessica has moved onto pastures new and I wish her all the luck in the world with her new post in the Stationery Dept. at Tiffany & Co. Hope and I will miss her madly!

Meanwhile, apart from working on new textile and stationery designs, I have been painting and fixing up the shop after almost four years in business here in Red Hook. Simon and I have also taken time out to go away with pals.  Highlights so far have been this Motel in Phoenicia, NY and camping at Wildwood State Park on the Long Island Sound, which we do EVERY year!

This week saw the arrival of a new line at Foxy & Winston: Decomposition Books by Michael Roger. These guys are local to Red Hook and have been in business making their sweet notebooks and journals (now 100% PC Recycled)  since 1949! They are a great deal at just $6-9 and come in a variety of styles.

In other news we are having a Foxy Textile SECONDS CLEARANCE SALE at the shop over the next few weeks with prices ranging from $8 to $25. Napkins, Towels, Totes, Aprons and Cushions. All must go!! 

decomp books.1.jpg
Decomposition Books by Michael Roger

Decomposition Books by Michael Roger